Belly Dancing to Adele’s Someone Like You

This is gorgeous. Aveyanda Skye dancing to Adele’s Someone Like You and Led Zeppelin’s I Can’t Quit You Baby:


Kai Altair – Shine for The Hidden Sister

I should have posted this AGES ago (last October/November), when Kai Altair first brought it to my attention on Twitter, but I’ve been totally remiss with the blog. Sorry! Anyway, I’ve featured Kai’s music on the blog before with Howl and Here She Comes. As a belly dancer herself, Kai produces music that has a…

Photo Friday: Belly Dance Girl

photo credit: llee_wu

Photo Friday: Zombie Belly Dancer?

photo credit: mangpages

Photo Friday: Born to Belly Dance

Just love the joy and fun in this photo entitled “Born to Belly Dance” Photo provided by Tim Simpson (TimPopUp) on Flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Licence.

Kai Altair “Howl” Live [Video]

Thanks to Zina contacting me with a link to this video. You may remember a while back I featured the video and song “Here She Comes” from Kai Altair from her Star of the Sea EP. Well, this is a live video if her performing “Howl” with her Tribal Bellydance dancers, from the same EP.

Is it OK for Men to be Belly Dancers?

I recently received a question from a guy called Ben through the blog. He asked, “Hi all, i was wondering if it is acceptable for males to be belly dancers, i am interested :)” My answer is yes (but with the warning that not everybody may feel the way I do). If you read my…

Photo Friday: Belly Dancer at Au Ryad

This week’s Photo Friday is of a Belly Dancer at Au Ryad (which I believe is in Brussels). The photographer behind this photo – Vince Kmeron – takes the most amazing photos of concerts, festivals and performances and I recommend you visit his website. Photo provided by kmeron on Flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Non…

Photo Friday: Belly Dancer Street Performer

This week’s Photo Friday features a Belly Dancer Street Performer in Denver. Photo provided by Proforged on Flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Non Derivative 2.0 Generic Licence.

Photo Friday: Belly Dance LP Cover

I got this LP at a used record sale for $1. The belly dancer has nothing to do with boleros, but it’s one of the great belly dance LP covers from the 50s. Photo provided by Ted Swedenburg on Flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 Generic Licence. Caption provided with photo.